WHAT WE’VE ALL LEARNED SINCE 2016 ~ As we’ve watched President Trump shine a light on this Shadow Government, who has infiltrated seemingly every level of the U.S. Government, we’ve learned much since 2016. This is what we see:

  • The U.S. Mainstream Media is 100% owned by the Shadow Government. The MSM is not “News” any longer. The MSM is the Propaganda Arm of the Shadow Government (No longer a “conspiracy theory”, but a proven fact.)
  • The MSM is no longer a free and fair Press
  • The MSM is being used to manipulate Americans’ opinions and push their Homosexual/Pedophile Agenda onto television viewers, including children
  • The U.S. Shadow Government created Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram for the sole purpose of misinforming, controlling & censoring American Citizens who participate
  • The American corporate hospital systems are virtually all owned by the Shadow Government/Central Bankers, and appear to be Shadow Government Depopulation Centers now, not places of healing and/or health restoration
  • Corporate Doctors/Nurses were willing to kill patients for bonuses and/or in order to keep their jobs
  • The Shadow Government, aka Central Bankers (Terrorists), own virtually every major global corporation in a giant Monopoly – so there is no true business competition in America any longer, and so, America is no longer a Free Market, but is a completely compromised market.
  • The Shadow Government is intentionally systematically shutting down their corporations right now in order to create a Second Great Depression in the U.S.A.
  • All Racism in government and media is intentionally driven by this Shadow Government
  • All efforts to divide Americans by race, by gender ideology (mental illness), by class (Rich, Middle Class, Poor), by actual gender (Men vs. Women), by political identification are all driven by this Shadow Government/Central Bankers (The Federal Reserve Bank) because united we stand, divided we fall.
  • The Second Great Depression we see coming is completely unavoidable, so stock up on dry food (rice, beans, flour, spices), canned goods, learn how to grow your own food, raise Chickens, provide your own food for yourself and your families, reconnect with neighbors who will barter with you for mutually needed goods and food and services. Prepare to downsize your life in a big way, because this Shadow Government is in the process of destroying the entire American economy right now – jobs, currency, food, clothing – it’s all going away, because they own the corporations who manufacture it all. Be warned. Be prepared.

What’s taken place in America over the past 150 years has been the intentional infiltration of the U.S. Government by European Communist Bankers (Nazis). Every agency appears to be compromised at the top levels, including those agencies assigned to protect the American People: FBI, NSA, CIA, Homeland Security, DOJ, FCC, FDA and more, all completely compromised and being used as weapons against the American People right now. Watching how they are attacking President Trump, who has committed no crimes, is nothing but an effort to use the Mainstream Media to destroy Trump’s reputation – nothing more. They know they have no criminal cases. They are Slandering Trump, right before our eyes, trying to destroy his reputation.

TARGETING CHRISTIANS, WHITE PEOPLE & THE AMERICAN FAMILY ~ But wait – that is a snapshot of what is taking place on the national level, but there is a more distinct effort being made in all of this destruction and seeming madness.

  • Christians are being targeted now by this Shadow Government.
  • White People are being targeted, as well.
  • The American Family unit is being attacked and destroyed, while we all politely watch and pretend we believe that ‘Queers are normal’ and ‘Pedophila is acceptable’ and that it is perfectly fine for 5 and 6 year olds to sit on Transvestites’ laps for “Queer Storytime” at school… except that Queers are not normal and Pedophilia is definitely not acceptable and it is NOT perfectly fine for 5 and 6 year olds to sit on Transvestites’ laps for “Queer Storytime” at school.

Everyone who is familiar with the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx, Rules For Radicals by Saul Alinsky*, (*which were Barry Soetoro and Hillary Clinton’s Mentor) and Cloward & Piven‘s Strategy can see how what this Shadow Government is up to, what the Central Bankers are doing to Americans right now, through the 100% cooperation of the Democrat Party members in Congress. It is all found and layed out in great detail in those Communist books. The goal is to replace America’s Constitutional Republic with Communism. So why haven’t they done it yet?

CHRISTIANS ARE IN THEIR WAY ~ Christians are in their way. Christians who won’t worship Caesar (government), who have an inherrant love for Truth and for what is True, Christians who strive for whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy— we think about such things. Christians love their families and their children and their communities and typically have the courage to call out Liars in the public forum and in the U.S. Government. Christians are commonly fearless, compared to non-Believers, and most strive to have good character, to practice principles in all of our affairs, to stand up against evil and Evildoers. Christians are not cooperative Bots who do what they are told by unprincipled and evil men and women. Christians are not controllable by any corrupt Shadow Government, nor are we intimidated by Evil or the Demons who serve Evil here on Earth.

For 50 years we’ve watched this Shadow Government – yes, they’ve been in the shadows running the U.S. Government for more than 50 years now – pushing Queer homosexuality on Americans, insisting we must accept abhorrant behavior as “normal”. The Shadow Government made this effort quietly, at first, but little by little, they began incorporating Shadow Government-controlled (public) schools with books that promote Queers as “normal”, undermining what is the natural and truly normal nature of America’s children. Single mothers have been presented as heroic while American Father’s have been demonized by the SG media for decades.

The Shadow Government isn’t doing anything quietly since President Trump began shining a light on their demonic and Satanic efforts. They are out in the open now, exposing grade school children to Transvestites, making school policies that include adding Transvestites in their curriculum. They invented the bizarre “transgender” effort that is really just trying to re-label the terms “Queer” and “Transvestite” into a new term: “Transgender”. They think we’re stupid.

CHRISTIANS ARE IN THE BANKERS’ CROSSHAIRS ~ But they are coming after Christians and Christianity (and White People and people with decent morals) with all barrels blazing right now. They tried to shut down all churches in America during the fake Covid-19/mRNA Genocide attempt. That was one of their primary goals, using Covid-19 to shut down all independent small businesses and the Christian Churches in America. They made a huge dent in America’s small businesses, destroying tens of thousands of small, independently owned businesses, while they pushed people to shop at their Globalist Monopoly stores like Lowes, Amazon, Walmart, Target and the corporate foodchains that the Central Bankers now own/control.

They definitely hurt the collective church, nationwide. Many churches are still struggling to keep their congregations. The TV Terrorism that was used to push the fake Covid-19 scaremongering has made many people afraid to go out of their homes at all, to go to church or even to go shopping anymore. This effort was exactly what they planned to accomplish, using the common flu, calling the flu “Covid-19” (Scientists never isolated any Sars-Cov2 virus, which means “Covid-19” doesn’t really exist), filling their fake news shows with TV Terrorism, fear-mongering and fake stories about ‘how many people were dying from “Covid-19″‘ (no one died from Covid-19, btw). The Shadow Government/Central Bankers were allowed to terrorize this nation for several years, because the FBI, the DOJ, Congress – every agency whose job it is to PROTECT Americans – are all compromised now, working for and being controlled by the Shadow Government (Central Bankers) who long ago infiltrated the true U.S. Government.

Today, we believe that most Americans know all of this to be true. The only Americans who don’t seem to know these things are those who still sit obediently in front of their television sets every day/night, watching the TV Terrorism on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, MSNBC and all of their affiliates. TV fake news viewers are the only people who cannot/do not see any of this going on in our country for the past 7 years. That, in and of itself, is evidence of Crimes Against Humanity, in our collective opinion, as psychological warfare and terrorism techniques are being used on innocent TV viewers.

More coming… Next: Christian Nation Under Attack – Part 2