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Since I recovered my Soul, that is, since the Lord restored my Soul, I’ve never been one who cares what other people think of me. I care what my Creator thinks of me (Jesus) and I care what *I* think of me (I take my own inventory). When my recovery began 32 years ago, I learned this phrase from the Recovery Community, and have been a subscriber ever since: “What they think of me is none of my business.” Why is what you think of me “none of my business”? Because you/no one has enough information about me to judge me. No one has walked a mile in my shoes or experienced my emotional responses or understands my life perspective because they have not seen Life, and cannot see my Life, through my eyes. So I trust God and I trust my own eyes. Period.

That said, I’ve been researching again, a subject that is commonly outright dismissed by closed-minded people, but I’m not closed-minded. Show me the evidence, and I will consider it – whatever it is. I found this video called “The Best Flat Earth Documentary” and after watching this video for less than two hours, I found the title to be totally accurate. I’ve always been bothered by the fact that I can see that the horizon is always flat, wherever you stand on this planet, no matter how high up you are, it’s flat. Only in NASA Globalist Photoshopped CGI photos is the horizon curved. And that’s what my eyes have always seen, out at the Pacific Ocean, standing on mountain tops, no matter where I am, the Horizon is always flat, never curved. Granted, to challenge a belief that has been taught to us all from birth, and never challenged in our lifetimes, is a huge endeavor.

It’s like the moment we discover Santa Claus isn’t real. This “globe” hoax is just like that. We’ve always believed it. We’ve never challenged it, because the hoax itself has no basis in fact to challenge! Astronomy? That’s conjecture. It’s theoretical, at best. There is no empiracle evidence to prove that the planet “photos” we see are even real, or that the Earth is a globe. None. All of our lives, “the news” has “reported” that NASA has been putting rockets into space – all lies. The “Moon landing”? Fake. The “Mars Rover”?! No such thing because NASA cannot even get a rocket through the Earth’s Firmament, let alone out into space and landing on Mars. It’s all a giant hoax. Why would they lie about such things? It’s all explained, as clear as day, in this video, “The Best Flat Earth Documentary“.

I’ve been watching/listening to this documentary, a little at a time because it is a 6 hour video. Less than 2 hours in, I saw enough truly factual evidence and testimony to realize and believe that this Earth is truly not a planet. Our Earth has 4 corners, like the Bible states, and the Bible never calls the Earth a “globe”, because it’s not a globe.

Pictured: Various “photos” NASA has claimed are “photos” of the Earth, all fake images from over the years. Click image to watch “The Best Flat Earth Documentary”.


So let the ridicule begin, I don’t care. People always ridicule the Truth at first, and then they consider the facts, and then over time, the Truth becomes known. It’s how Humans process the truth, when it challenges their existing mindset, and it’s just what Humans do. I’m just sharing this because I am SO TIRED of the Globalist Liar Media jerking people around, lying to us abouand I no longer trust a word they say, including the “Moon landing” hoax and their claims that they have cameras out in space. NASA has never gotten a rocket through our Firmament. Period. There is no “Mars Rover”, except in Canada, where they’re filming that farce.

And if you believe we’re a spinning ball, at over 1,000 miles per hour, but the water of the oceans doesn’t fly off because of “gravity”, of which there is no empirical evidence whatsoever, and if you believe we’re flying around in Space, flying around the Sun at millions of miles per hour, yet the stars remain constant in our sky, then you might not be ready to watch this video. Or maybe it’s exactly what you need to watch.

They’ve been hoaxing ignorant people for centuries, these Kings and wealthy families. This “globe” theory started over 500 years ago, when the wealthy Kings’ “Scientists” of the day had no way to determine that the Earth is a globe, yet that’s the false narrative they presented to the people of the day, in order to make the people believe they are ignorant. The King’s “Scientists” have been making things up for centuries, and the ignorant commonfolk never had the confidence, the information or the resources to challenge them. Making up grandiose imaginary “truths” like this one is how the Wealthy have kept the Poor feeling ignorant and small. Well, guess what: We aren’t so ignorant anymore.

We know things that we didn’t know then. I, for one, don’t believe ANYTHING the wealthy Control Freak Pedophile Globalist Central Banker Terrorists say. Not. One. Thing. Including “the Earth is a globe.” I don’t buy that BS anymore. I trust my eyes more than I trust the Globalist Liars. My eyes tell me this, no matter where I am on the planet: The Horizon is flat.

They’ve lied about so much for so long, and we’ve always just trusted “the news”. Well, now, after watching all of THEIR STATIONS gang up on President Donald J Trump from 2016 until it’s still going ON, we all realized that “the news” doesn’t investigate stories anymore, and doesn’t report facts. “The news” is nothing but propaganda corporations, operating at the behest of the Central Bankers, the WEF, the Globalist Terrorists who think they are ruling the world right now. ABC and CBS, NBC, CNN, CNBC, PBS, MSNBC, the NY Times and the rest of the fake news corporations are not “news” anymore. They don’t pretend to be news anymore. They are all propaganda, all the time. They can’t be trusted, that much is certain.

Yes, they’ve infiltrated many governments across the world, including the USA, and they think we don’t see them. We see them. They created NASA as a giant SCAM, to manipulate public opinion while lying to the people and NASA can’t even get a SINGLE ROCKET through the Earth’s Firmament! That means TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS, Taxpayer dollars, have been poured into a HOAX called “NASA”. The word “NASA”, by the way, in Hebrew, means “to deceive”. Wake up y’all.

The Earth, according to the Bible, which is the Word of God, refers to “the four corners of the Earth”. Globes don’t have corners. Never does the Bible mention the world “globe” when referring to the Earth. That’s because the Earth is not a “globe”. The Earth is a Plane, not a planet.

So don’t take my word for it. You’re not going to anyway. Take a look at this video, which is not my video, but is a very good documentary which documents factual and historic information about the fake “globe” theory, and explains just how ludicrous this fake theory about the Earth being a ball really is. This video is truly what it says it is: The Best Flat Earth Documentary, filled with historical facts and testimonies from truly brilliant men through the ages, who laughed at the Central Banker Cabal for calling the Earth “a globe”. Watch it and learn something about the oldest hoax of all.