This is how we see it: 90 million strong, the American Militia is the largest free-standing Army on Earth. Armed with more than 350 million guns, the American Militia is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

The Japanese Emperor admitted that the reason they chose to attack Pearl Harbor during WWII, rather than the American mainland, is because “…there is a gun behind every blade of grass.” And the Democrat/Republican Uniparty’s bosses are still trying to infringe on our gun rights in order to (ultimately) try to take our guns. This effort is both unconstitutional and it’s unamerican – which proves to us all that the men who run the Democrat/Republican Uniparty (Central Bankers) are NOT American, and in fact, are unamerican.

We find that discovery problematic, that the men who run both major political parties here, who supposedly took an oath to defend and protect the US Constitution, yet have engaged in an ongoing, decades-long effort to deny us our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Frankly, what that tells us is that this “US Government” is not a government “of the people, by the people and for the people”. That means that it is not the government of We the People, at all. Very problematic, that fact.

With the rest of the world’s nations completely disarmed now, is the American Militia truly the last hope for freedom on Earth, through Christ who strengthens us? We appear to be the last bastion against the Central Banker Terrorists, who have been attacking and poisoning Americans on so many levels, and in so many ways, for 100 years and counting. These Bankers are every Americans greatest enemy, and they are entrenched within our federal, state and even our local governments.

We the People, of this Christian nation, are “the American Militia”, as acknowledged by this nation’s founding documents, our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Make no mistake – We the People are who are being targeted by the European Central Bankers (CB’s), whose plans for the world are arrogantly public and on display for the world to see. The CB’s brag about their plans and make videos bragging about their plans to force us into “You’ll own nothing and be happy”, who plan to “depopulate” 8 billion people and create a “one world government”, aka Dictatorship. They aren’t hiding their plans, but many Americans are not paying attention. We are.

These Central Bankers are the same families who backed Adolph Hitler’s attempt to take over the entire world in the 1940’s. In fact, it appears that it wasn’t Adolph Hitler who was behind that effort, that Hitler was just a Pawn for the Central Bankers, much like the Ukrainian “President” and Joe Biden are today: Pawns for the Central Bankers.

The Ukraine is the stronghold of the Central Banker Terrorists who are attacking the USA today

This effort the CB’s are making, to destroy the American and global economies, take down the USA and put a global dictatorship in place, has been going on since WWI. It’s not new. It’s new to this generation, but they’ve been attempting to “reduce the population” (aka commit Genocide) and establish themselves as the sole Dictatorship on Earth for more than 100 years.

The CB’s have already successfully disarmed the rest of the world. That leaves us – Americans. And why would a website called “CHRISTIAN NATION” be talking about all of this? Because Christians established this nation, Christians are being targeted by the Central Banker Propaganda Media right now, and Christians make up the vast majority of legal Gun Owners in this country. That means this Christian Nation makes up the vast majority of the 90 million-strong American Militia, and the American Militia is the last & seemingly-only defense against this attempt to establish global tyranny after taking down the United States of America.

In essence, we’re talking about this in order to raise your awareness, in order to own your role in this war, and to remind you to “Be prepared” (Proverbs 6:6-8), because We the People are the Army that the Lord has put in place to protect the the world from these global Terrorists who identify as “Central Bankers”.

Editor’s note: For those reading who don’t believe this conspiracy against America is taking place, let me remind you that you didn’t believe us when we warned you about the mRNA Bioweapon either, and we were right about that. And the fake “Climate Crisis” – we were right about that. And about electric vehicles (EV’s), and we were right about those, as well.

We are right about this conspiracy taking place right before our eyes, and we are right about who is behind this effort to take down the United States of America. We don’t need your agreement in order to be right, nor do we need your agreement in order for this American Militia to stand together, be prepared, and defend our country when Central Bankers, who transported the more than 12 million Muslim Terrorists brought through our Southern border over the past 3 years, begin Jihad against all Americans, soon, we suspect, and definitely before the November 24 election, or perhaps right after the election, when President Donald Trump is elected by such an overwhelming landslide that even the CB cheating cannot win this election. Right wing or Left wing, we’re all Americans. We better start acting like it or there won’t be ANY Americans left, when this war is over.

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God bless America, and God bless Americans… and be prepared. Proverbs 6:6-8