We all have our opinions. You have yours. I have mine. You don’t have to agree with me, and I think we all agree that we all have the right to express our opinions in this country. I am an American, a grateful Citizen of this CHRISTIAN NATION, and I, like all Americans, enjoy the God-given right to Freedom of Speech, as acknowledged by our beloved Constitution, which most Scholars agree is arguably the most powerful document ever written by Man. Stay and read or go, it makes little difference to me. After watching uncomfortably for the past 30 years, as my amazing nation has been almost completely decimated and compromised by those who wish to destroy the America that I love, I will have my say now . I will be quiet no longer.

At, people like me are proud to stand for Truth, Justice and the American Way. Real Talk. No compromise. The largest faith on Earth established the greatest nation on Earth. These United States of America are truly the greatest nation in the history of the World, hands down, bar none.

We’ll be engaging in Adult conversation here, discussing many things which the Central Banker Media refuses to discuss, reflecting lovingly on this beautiful Christian nation, on what is so great about American Christians, and about how our entire CHRISTIAN NATION, all American Christians, are rising up today, in mass unity, to save our nation and to save the world that the Lord Jesus Christ blessed us all with, in which the Evil in our midst has so thoroughly festered and is raising it’s ugly head right in front of us all, right now.

With insightful commentary and ongoing, astute observation regarding the state of our CHRISTIAN NATION, disregarding completely the Political Correctness that attempts to suffocate honest conversation and literally fosters personal slavery and bondage to that social poison called “Political Correctness”, we will be pulling the covers on so much that is hidden, and it may not be particularly pleasant for the more Timid among us, as we shine a bright light into the Darkness which is all around us right now, and point to the irrefutable Truth about what is really going on in our CHRISTIAN NATION today, and the Truth will set you free.

Join me if you’d like. This is CHRISTIAN NATION.