Moonshine Road

December 1, 2022 ~ It’s been a long time comin’, but here we are, releasing our first MOONSHINE ROAD album on 1/1/2023! With a lifetime of creativity poured into this album and the first single from the album entitled “LET’S DANCE” released, we have created an eclectic collection of songs to represent MOONSHINE ROAD on this first MOONSHINE ROAD album!

We hope you enjoy hearing them as much as we enjoyed  writing, playing and recording them at MOONSHINE ROAD STUDIO!

You can download the album here and you can download the single “LET’S DANCE” here.

Enjoy! Cheers…


April 10, 2020 ~ Welcome to the home of Rockers MOONSHINE ROAD from Sebastopol, California. We like to think that Moonshine Road brings real life back to real music.

With Americana running through their veins, MOONSHINE ROAD pours their passion for Life, love and living into every song the band writes, produces and records.

MOONSHINE ROAD has a brand new Album coming, featuring the band’s new single LET’S DANCE“. Check back…