Tetelesti Recovery Ministries

“It is finished!” Famous last words from the most famous person ever to walk the Earth, Jesus Christ. “Tetelesti!” is the last thing Jesus said before he gave up His life on the cross… probably the most significant statement ever made throughout history.

What Jesus actually said was “Tetelesti!”, which is Aramaic for “It is finished” and it was a term used by everyone throughout Europe at the time, because it so meant what it meant. Shop keepers, traders, whenever a deal was done, they concluded and acknowledged that by stating “Tetelesti“.

Tetelesti in 2019

That is what happens to any addict, alcoholic or anyone seeking recovery from anything – “It is finished” when we embrace the lifestyle laid out by the Lord and embraced by Celebrate Recovery, AA, NA and 210 other 12 Step programs worldwide. The brokenness is finished. The hurt and the hate and the resentments are finished. The struggle is finished, and recovery happens.

Estela and Don of Tetelesti Music Ministries

Utilizing author/recording artist Don Cobb‘s book “12 Steps: NOT For Dummies”, men, women and children alike are finding a new way to live and to heal and to thrive in which their lives take on new meaning and bring new joy to everyone around them – friends, family, coworkers and strangers!

Tetelesti“, founded in 1999, is in the studio recording 5 albums of original music and original versions of some timeless classics – Tetelesti gives it all up for Jesus and leaves it all in the sanctuary every time they rock! Some new releases of Tetelesti songs can be found on virtually every major music app on the web now.

A special shout out to Deanna Vaillancourt-Thompson and Calm Wave Productions for Tetelesti band shots! Thank you for blessing Tetelesti with your great work, Deanna!