It’s not just the most famous word every spoken*… it’s the most fun and progressive Christian Rock/Pop band ever to come out of Sebastopol, California, in the heart of Wine Country – Northern California.

*”Tetelesti!” is the last thing Jesus Christ said before he gave up His life on the cross. An Aramaic term, “Tetelesti” means “It is finished!” Now you know.

TETELESTI was founded by singer/ songwriter, guitarist and Producer DON COBB in 1998. With unbridled passion for the freedom and love which comes with a close personal relationship with Jesus Christ, Don hasn’t wavered a single day on this path that the Lord has laid out for him. Don has been playing in original Rock/Pop bands since he was 14 years old, writing, recording and producing original music non-stop, all this time, and when the Lord blessed Don with the inspiration for his band TETELESTI, the music poured in and out of Don without ceasing, culminating in Don’s first solo album released on 3/16 of 2020!

Don is Contemporary Music Director at a Novato, CA church and leads both a Christian Rock band (Tetelesti) and a “not Christian” Rock band called “MOONSHINE ROAD”, both out of – you guessed it: Sebastopol, California.

California rockers Tetelesti can be found rocking the Redwood Gospel Mission every third Tuesday of the month in RGM’s Holy Spirit-filled Chapel. Support the homeless and praise the Lord with Worship Pastor Don Cobb and Tetelesti Recovery Ministries by showing up every third Tuesday of every month!